The Sun Continues to Rise

A simple picture for a simple day. My birthday this year falls on Easter and at the same time this will be one of the warmest days so far this spring… Photographers the world over, love capturing flowers in all their glory and as a Salem photographer, I’m no different at Vistaphtoography.
The gift of finding these gems are everywhere we look.  They make our hearts sing with joy and while everyone captures flowers as a rule, we all enjoy them.  So please enjoy this little gift from winter Island in Salem.

This is the best gift I can receive, flowers, warm weather and family… It give new meaning to the phrase
“Life is good”.
The red buds of the red maples are popping all around as I look out on the woods surrounding my home and it won’t be long if the temps maintain before we see leaves on all the trees..
I hope you have an equally great day and I would love to hear how your day goes!

If you get a chance visit this slide show at my gallery of fall foliage… I know no one wants to think about fall foliage right now but I just received a usage license to have Cheryl Wheeler’s song “When Fall Comes to New England” as the song you hear when viewing the photos.

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