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28 october a beautiful morning off my deck

Early morning sun off the deck as my wife goes to work and I prepare for a radio interview.  The color isn’t spectacular but it does look nice. I’ve been finding color all week long in the local area. and with Halloween weekend coming up the days are numbered so folks should get out and find the color before it’s all on the ground. This shot looks onto the Salem Woods. A conservation area that is off my deck, life is good as far as I’m concerned.

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Wandering through New England fall foliage with Jeff Foliage

Well the New England fall foliage season is full upon us and even though we have been hit by Nicole and this current Nor’easter I’m thinking we’ll still have  a lot of leaf cover left on the trees.
I was out photographing  from Columbus Day weekend until Wednesday and the color I was finding would appease any foliage-phile. and the sweet area was the southern NH region on route 16 and 113 near Tamworth NH and the Ossipee lake area. I think this Sunday through the following week

Crawford Notch fall foliage

Crawford Notch fall foliage

northern Massachusetts and CT and RI will be good targets for color exploration. If you check in on Yankee’s fall foliage forum you can ask the locals that live around the area what they are seeing.
Also check the Yankee fall foliage interactive map to get real time reports.

Also did you know this is the last year for the Keene pumpkin festival. I check with the festival organizers and they confirmed this was true.  But whether this is the last or not make your way to the Keene Pumpkin festival and enjoy the family friendly atmosphere.

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Fall Foliage gets a knock down from Nicole but comes back swinging

Well my fellow fall foliage fanatics October has arrived and this year Mother Nature has been causing problems by giving us a real summer with hot temps and low rainfall which has also led to dry conditions that had the experts scratching their heads (myself included) wondering what sort of fall color we would have.

Well to start off, the Yankee Magazine foliage website has a peak foliage map that you can view an approximate guess as to when peak will hit a specific location in New England. You also have an interactive foliage map at Yankee Foliage dot com that is updated by people across New England. So by watching these to simple tools you should be able to make an educated guess on where to go to find fall foliage in New England.

This is the first year that the map was pretty close. You see the New England fall Foliage map was built on older data and we used to get color earlier then we have in the past 4-5 years. This had lead to folks getting used to seeing shots like this later rather than earlier.

This year the fall foliage experts thought that the drought conditions might dull down the colors but apparently the color was doing fantastic, up until tropical storm Nicole knocked much of the peak leaves to the ground.
But before you go and cancel your trips! Heed this! The color this year is early but this storm only knocked the leaves down that were at peak. the leaves from the middle of VT and NH were still green so they are now turning and by this weekend they will making the Columbus Day weekend a show not to be missed.  This will also continue into the next couple of weeks as the color flows south into Massachusetts and CT & RI.

Here is a shot from this past Saturday up near Danville Vermont and you can see the color took a hit but what was there was still very colorful.
I have several links for you to visit if you need a foliage fix and either can’t get here until the weekend or next year.
First is Northeast foliage website which is a webcam site so you can see the color change by the minute or the hour at
Next is the Yankee interactive map which is updated based on readers reports from across New England. So stop in there to get an idea of what Yankee’s readers are seeing.
You can of course follow me on Twitter as I  make reports as foliage_reports and when I’m out and about you can also follow me and ask questions about specific color in locations.
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