Planning a fall foliage trip? Visit the site

Planning a fall foliage trip?

Visit the site. I’m Jeff “Foliage” Folger and I’m a photographer based in New England.

crows in a dead tree surrounded by fall's dramatic foliage colors

Sugar Hill in red

I have what you would call a small passion for recording the fall foliage season in New England. With that in mind, I’ve created a new site for finding, viewing my images of and asking questions about fall Foliage in New England.

I named the site (well all the really good website names are taken so I went with this one) and I intend for it to be a place where you can find helpful links, routes, information and my New England fall foliage photography.

Toad hill road in sugar hill NH in the background showing why sugar maples are so desired to see in New England fall foliage season

Toad Hill road

I’m working overtime to create useful content on what I feel will most help leaf peepers in their yearly search for incredible peak fall foliage.  What you will find are links to sites I find useful or interesting and routes with descriptions that I think you’ll find productive and of course my own fall foliage photography.

If you are interested in seeing a New England autumn stop in at and view my slideshow video.  I’d love to hear your suggestions on what you feel would really be helpful.

Trees wearing their fall coats surrounded by fall's dramatic foliage colors

Streeter pond

Why am I creating a whole new website for fall foliage? isn’t there enough already out there?  This is exactly what I feel is the problem. We all suffer from information overload and I will try to bring as much into one place as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you

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Eerie Hollow Cemetery music by Nox Arcana

The Eerie Hollow Cemetery was once again in gruesome evidence this 2010 Halloween in Hooksett NH. I showed up on a foreboding afternoon with drizzle making electrical connections dicey.

Who am I? I’m a photographer out of Salem MA, and I’m Jeff Folger of Vistaphotography.  I’m primarily a Wedding and event photographers but as you can see here, Weddings and Mitzvahs aren’t the only thing I do.  I find that wedding receptions which tend to be dark are perfect training for this kind of shooting.

photo by Vistaphotography

Denny Stanley who designs the concept then builds the Cemetery from the ground up each year has once again done a superb job.  His Pumpkin Thieves that are seen throughout the show are his newest creations.

The Pumpkin Thieves are also available for sale. Nothing is mass produced and if you want to buy American and I know you all do! Then contact Denny to see what he can do for you. There will be a full website soon that will enable all of this much easier. but for now watch the video and write down his email address at the end credits.

If you enjoyed the video I’d love to hear from you or if there is something you didn’t like then I’d like to hear that also (Yes, it does happen… ) :-)

Jeff Folger
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