Just say NO to the giant entertainment industry!

Sunset on a Vermont farm with a pink sky and snow on the groundTraveling Scenic New England will be down (18 January 2012) from 8AM to 8PM. I will be back again for your enjoyment after this.. (assuming I can get the system working again afterwards).. :-)

If you have anyquestions about what PIPA and SOPA are then follow this link to a Webpro News blog article. 

So tomorrow you will see  my site down to voice my objection to PIPA/SOPA.

As a photographer I’m all for protection of artists intelectual property but having RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) being able to shut down anyone’s website at will and the recipient is wrong until they prove otherwise is just more power than I care for RIAA to have.

Copyright infringement and piracy of intellectual property is wrong but handing a self serving group like RIAA that much power is morally wrong.


Jeff Folger