Nor’Easter arrives in New England

Nor’Easters are nothing new in New England

Today’s shot of New England was taken as the winds whipped around Winter Island at the mouth of Salem harbor. I had arrived early in the afternoon but the tide wasn’t at full tide. So I ran an errand and came back at dusk.

The sets as the waves pound winter island at the mouth of Salem Harbor

Waves pound Pickering Lighthouse

The waves were pounding the lighthouse and then the shore with the spray making the already cold wind even more penetrating against my unprotected hands as I shielded the camera lens from the elements.

I often come to Winter Island during weather events since I have a pass and I can add the foreground elements into my images. More images can be seen on my website, Vistaphotography in the Fort Pickering Lighthouse gallery.

One of the unique things about the image is that I was able to time the light of the Fresnel lens of Pickering light with that of Baker Island Lighthouse seen in the distance.

Jeff “Foliage” Folger
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