Snow geese at dead creek, Addison VT

Snow Geese begin migration south

The Snow Geese are beginning to head south, are you ready?

I was determined this autumn to get up to Vermont to see the annual snow geese migration. A friend, Jane Ogilvie who is also a fellow New England Photographers Guild member was to be my guide. Jane wrote an article last year about the migration of the snow geese and I wanted to see this spectacular event for myself.

I say spectacular because unlike many other migratory birds the snow geese do this en masse. and this year Jane guessed there may have been 5000 snow geese out in the wildlife management area.

I made the trip from Salem MA the afternoon before so I could meet Jane before dawn. (399 miles round trip for me) This birding thing is not for the faint of spirit! I awoke at 5AM and there was a dusting of snow on my car. Brrr, we got to the look out point on Route 17 just past the four corners in Addison and we didn’t even stop for coffee! Not that you’ll find a Dunkin Donuts every 50′ like you do outside Vermont.

At first, Jane was worried that the entire flock had moved on and I was resigned to make a few images of a nearby barn when all of a sudden she exclaimed she could hear them and to get over to the tripod to put my camera on her 500mm lens. This is a lens to cause envy in most all photographers and several of my photographer friends who shoot wildlife have one of these monsters.

The image below was one of the first ones of the morning as the snow geese were starting to move from their sleeping area and out to the corn fields where they do much of their feeding. I titled it “heading home” and it’s for sale on my gallery online. Click the image to go to the site.

The snow geese head home on their 5000 mile migration route from the arctic tundra

Heading home!

I tried to control my shooting but I still brought home a ton of pictures and I’m still going through them to see if I don’t have a few more gems in the bunch. Below you can see some of the other images of the day.

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