A cardinal visits with friends

Armchair bird watching for cardinals

This is one of my days off from work so I’m able to watch out my window and catch a few shots of the visiting birds. What always catches my attention is of course, the bright red of the cardinal.

a North American red cardinal or red bird sits on a branch looking for seeds

A bright red male cardinal stops for breakfast

American goldfinch

But on this morning a bright yellow American goldfinch also visits and takes turns seeing what I’ve put out.

Should the bright yellow male goldfinch open the seed here or away in his nest.

American goldfinch sits in my tree, trying to open the seed

Tufted titmouse

Lastly the tufted titmouse grabs a seed to break open on a nearby branch as the cardinal (seen in the background) helps himself to another bite of breakfast.

the soft grey of the tufted titmouse is a stark comparison to the bright red or yellows of the other birds

Tufted titmouse works on opening a seed as the bright red of the cardinal is seen in the background

I now have to get back to working on writing so I’ll leave you with these images to enjoy. Of course if you would like a card or print of these or any other images visit my galleries list below.

Jeff “Foliage” Folger

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