Jeff Folger of Jeff Foliage
Jeff before the beard
I’m Jeff Folger or as you may have noticed from the article signatures, also “Jeff Foliage“. I was given this name a few years back from my first editor at Yankee Magazine. If you can’t make the leap (Folger — Foliage) Then please feel free to email me at  jeff dot foliage@gmail.com.

Autumn is a state of mind
Autumn is a state of mind

I’ve been blessed to serve my country and travel the world and then I retired to Salem Massachusetts. (note when you’re enlisted, you don’t retire but find a new job to live on) 🙂

I have a singular passion to photograph the fall foliage in New England and through this desire I enjoy blogging about where I’m finding the fall colors. I also talk about my routes and the special places I find.

So if you don’t know where to go, my website www.jeff-foliage.com is a great first step to help formulate your plans. You can ask questions in the foliage forum and in the comments. I prefer this because then my answers can help others at the same time.

Nom de plume’s that I am known as:

I have been called a fall foliage pundit, (this was ok). Then I was called a fanatical leaf peeper (fanatical? Not as sure about that) 🙂 and recently, I was given the title of Arboreal Oracle (the jury is still out on this one).  🙂  But calling me Jeff Foliage will usually get my attention.

I’m also the President of the New England Photography Guild. Our tagline is New England Photographers, know New England. We have 15 photographers spread out across New England and we feel we really understand our area of New England. So if you want art from our neck of the woods or just information, drop us a line on our website.  www.NEphotographyguild.com.