Winter Island lighthouse in fog

Digital painting of Fort Pickering lighthouse in fog

Winter Island lighthouse in fog by Jeff Folger. A digital painting of an original photograph by me. April roles around and here in Salem Massachusetts, fog is the order of the day. The air off shore begins to warm and the cold Atlantic waters combine to form fog. All along the coast the lighthouses still perform their duty of warning mariners of the dangerous rocky shoals that sank many a ship in the 17th and into the 18th Century, until more and more lighthouses were built to protect the trade and commerce that was making this country important. Today though, Winter Island lighthouse stands at the edge of Salem harbor mute, except for the sounds of the surf lapping at the bottom of the stone base of Fort Pickering linghouse. You may wonder why I use both name for one lighthouse. It has had many names over the years so depending on your preference, you can choose your favorite.

What are your thoughts?